Hear the demo on soundcloud.com Finding new, simple ways to inform your customers about your product/service isnít always easy but hereís an innovative &
entertaining way to communicate your message to them while they
are sitting On-Hold. Itís your very own radio station, looped on your
phone system. It sounds just like a radio station with songs,
commercials, D.Jís & station I.D.ís with the twist being that itís ALL
about YOUR business. This fun way of delivering important
information about the service you provide, special offers, customer
testimonials and new products is a revolution in infotainment and
can be updated at any time.

Each business that procures this offer has original content created
for their very own On Hold Radio Station. Be the first in your sector
to be Ďon-airí via your phone system. It will put a smile on your
customers' faces & enlighten them about your business, all at
the same time. CONTACT US to find out more!

  Comments from satisfied clients
  "The reaction to our message on hold radio station has been amazing. Itís
  the talk of the town, everyone comments on it! Our cliental ask to be put
  back on hold to hear the songs again!!! Best promotional option around.
  ~ Stacey Whittaker, Bathurst Real Estate

  "We sell so much more product because they heard it on our Radio station.
  If it wasnít for our message on hold radio station they wouldnít have known
  we sold it. Our clients want to buy a C.D copy of our original songs!!!"

  ~ Betina Nissen, Vegmasters Australia

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