Hi, Iím Ben Robertson. I would like to introduce you to the many aspects of my Audio Production Company, JINGLETOWN.
With years of metro radio experience, our expert team can create commercials that Ďbrand & sellí plus we make hand crafted Imaging packages that truly sound amazing.

We can act as your delegated, online, 24/7, sub-contracted audio creative department. We produce radio commercials that are Quick & Smart; with our seasoned copywriting team and vast voice talent options. Fully written & produced 30 second commercials starting from as low as $100+GST.
We also specialize in Station Imaging; I.D.sí & Stings. Packages starting from an inexpensive $750+GST.

Here at JINGLETOWN we understand budgets are tight. We'll deliver at the right price. Feel free to call me today on Ph 0414 439 799. We provide personal service, creative scripts and the highest standard of audio production.

Tailored audio for your client and/or your station. No fuss, simple and negotiable!

Thanks for your time!
Ben Robertson

Jingletown Promo

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